Company Profile

Silver Sand Impex was incorporated in 1995 and specialized in exporting all kinds of seafood to Europe, Japan, USA and
the Middle East.

Silver Sand Impex has been Registered with the export development board of Sri Lanka under Registration No: 219792 as well as with the FDA of U.S.A. Under Registration No: 14896487592.

Quality of our Products have never been compromised and always assured to the fullest satisfaction of customers. In Europe every prominent super market shelves proudly display our products, which comply with HACCP and EU standard.


Sri Lanka has emerged as a quality Tuna exporter predominantly Skipjack, Yellowfin and Bigeye species to international markets. In recent years Sri Lanka has been steadily increasing its share in the international market with premier quality products.

Fish quality, freshness and the size of the fish determines the value and its worth. When catching Tuna by using pole and liner, the fish can be easily segregated at once and the fish are usually preserved in fish hold or ice boxes. Good fish handling procedures are also adopted in order to maintain quality.

From the initial stage, Tuna is put through many HACCP health and hygienic procedures in keeping with international standard.

Sashimi quality Tuna, Tuna loins, Fillets and Steaks are marketed worldwide including Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Tuna exports are currently targeted at two main market areas - Japan and the European Union. Fresh/Chilled and Frozen sashimi Tuna are mainly exported to the Japanese market.

Exports to the European Union (EU) consists of lean meat Yellowfin, Processed into vacuum packed Fresh / chilled loins, Fillets and Steaks, etc.

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